About the Journal

Aims and Scope

Applied Business and Economics Journal (ABEJournal) is a peer-reviewed, international journal focused on the latest management research at the micro, meso, and macroeconomic levels. The journal’s areas of particular interest are issues of leadership and development strategies of organisations and their adaptation to rapid economic shifts, the development of new technologies, and changes in business models.

The journal accepts for publication empirical, theoretical, and review articles (contributing to the practice of management), monographs, comparative analyses – including cross-country ones, book reviews, and conference reports on the above areas as well as on the management of public and non-public organisations, economics, finance, marketing, pharmacy, banking and new technologies. Articles are published in Polish and English.

The main goal of the journal is creating interdisciplinary forum for the publication of the latest research results and trends in the discipline of economics and management science by Polish and foreign scientists, doctoral students and practitioners (managers). This will contribute to the development of the discipline, as well as to the understanding of the issues of global economic challenges, sustainable development, the phenomena of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and economic and social consequences of changes taking place in the world.

The journal was created on the initiative of the academic staff of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School, who are professionally engaged in management and economics and conduct research in these fields at the national and international level. The Warsaw University of Technology is the publisher and scientific patron of the journal.
The journal’s target audience includes academics and researchers, as well as practitioners and all those interested in the journal’s topic.

Readers have open access to all published articles of the journal. The journal does not charge any fees for publication of articles.