Reviewing Procedure

Articles submitted to the ABE Journal must fall within the scope of the journal (see purpose and scope of the journal), be written with respect for the ethical principles (see publication ethics), and meet the formal requirements specified for authors (see guidelines for authors).

If the article does not meet the above criteria, it will be rejected at the stage of formal and merit review, of which the author will be informed within 30 days of obtaining confirmation of sending the article for publication.

Two independent reviewers who are experts in the field to which the article applies will submit the article that passes the above verification for review. The scientific editor or his substitute makes the selection of reviewers.

The reviewing process is confidential and follows the principles of double-blind review which means that the reviewers do not know the identity of the author(s) and the author(s) do not know the identity of the reviewers.

Reviewers evaluate the article on the REVIEW FORM in force at the journal’s Editorial Office. The review concludes with the request of the reviewer to accept the article for publication as submitted or after appropriate amendments or to reject it.

Author will be informed about the results of the review, and if the reviewer considers it necessary, will make appropriate changes in the text in accordance with the reviewer's comments within 21 days, or, if he does not agree with them, prepare a written response to the review.

In case where there are two conflicting reviewer’s opinions (one is positive, and the other negative) the article can be sent for a third review.

The Editorial makes the final decision about the publication of the article based on the reviewers’ evaluation and the final version of the article delivered by the author.

The editorial claims the right to withhold the publication of the articles that are in conflict with ethical principles, which information was obtained during or after the reviewing process.

If the member of the journal’s editorial submits an article, any decisions related to publication of the article are made by another person from the editorial board.  

OJS Manual for Reviewers